Why Join the BLMA

Modern day laboratory managers face a wide variety of challanges and tasks.

Having been appointed to the position of laboratory manager, how do you use your experience and skills in this challanging environment? 

Do you have the knowledge and management skills to implement your organisations policies and proceedures ?

As an experienced manager are there times when you feel there is no one in your own organisation you can turn too?

The British Laboratory Managers Association was established to address these issues.

The aim of the BLMA is to help laboratory managers to learn, improve and achieve best practice through sharing, discussing and documenting the issues and solutions. 

This is achieved through meetings, electronic interaction and collective effort with fellow members and colleagues from other and your own industry sectors

The BLMA management committee is made up of laboratory managers from across all sectors including both government and privately funded laboratories from across the UK.

The association is being run by laboratory managers for laboratory managers, under the not for profit trade association umbrella GAMBICA.